About Us

MindCareWorks was founded in 2022 by Heike Grand-Montagne (Certified Professional Coach), Jeremy Lewis (Head of School at ACS Egham International School 2010-2022) and Alexandra Neumann (Psychologist and Professional Coach).  

We help schools to be a healthier and happier place for the benefit of the whole community.

We serve teachers/ school staff and parents not only in their roles but as individuals too because life happens to all of us.

Our Mission

Building Healthy Minds, Building Bright Futures: We actively promote mental health initiatives that enhance the well-being of students, educators, and parents alike.



Heike Grand-Montagne

After working with young people for many years it still warms my heart when they break through their thought-barriers. With MindCareWorks I want to contribute to raising new generations of young people who are mentally strong, grounded in themselves, and confident to be a conscious leader of their lives - and their parents and school staff as well.

Heike studied Business Management in Cologne, Germany and had her first career in the insurance industry working for Generali Group in Germany in the area of International Industrial Property. 

After becoming a mum she worked part-time for the Deutscher Bundestag – a great opportunity as she has always been interested in politics. 

She then moved to the UK and became a certified professional coach at IPEC Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. 

Heike loves people, their stories and energies, and how they interact. She thinks she has the most rewarding job in the world for there is no better moment as when a client has a breakthrough. 

She has been working as career coach, family coach, retirement coach, and for the last 6 years mainly with young people at high-school and university. 

That’s when she came up with the idea of MindCareWorks so children get mental health skills from an early age on which will have positive ripple effects to the whole of society.

Heike is happily married in her second marriage and has a grown-up son. Heike loves her wonderful friends, reading, politics, traveling, theatre, walking, yoga, meditation, playing cards, singing, and good food.


Alexandra Neumann

My motivation for working for MCW is to contribute so that

Alexandra was born and grew up in Tyrol, Austria.  She studied Real Estate Economics in Stuttgart, Germany and had her first career in the world of Real Estate as abroker for Real Estate Investments and Commercial Rentals.  

For all of her life she has been interested in human beings, their interactions, how relationships work, what is going on in the brain, and how we better ourselves. 

After becoming a mum she studied Clinical Psychology. Her Master of Science had an empirical focus where she examined the “ Relationship between attachment styles and relationship stability”.  Other areas of study and training have included:  Systemic Therapy, Systemic Couple Coaching, Transformative Mediation, Peritraumatic Crisis Intervention, First Responder,  Nonviolent Communication, Hypnosystemic Crisis Intervention, Fast Reset (coping with stress), Strength instead of Power (New Authority), MBSR (Mindfulness based Stress Therapy). 

Alex is a member of the Professional Association of German Psychologists (BDP) and the German Association for Systemic Research, Therapy, Supervision and Consultation e.V. Moreover, she is a professor for Clinical Psychology at DHGS, and a Psychologist for the German speaking clients at the “Dansk Krisekorps” (Danish Crisis Corp). Alex has her own practice in Munich.

Alexandra’s hobbies are skiing, sailing and traveling.



Jeremy Lewis

Many years of experience as a teacher and school leader has convinced me that there is an indisputable correlation between happiness and successful personal and professional outcomes. Working with MindCareWorks provides me with the opportunity to help schools develop programmes which support and sustain community wellbeing.

Jeremy spent his formative years growing up in South Africa, before returning to complete his school and University studies in the UK.   

He started his teaching career in England; but after 3 years decided to enter the world of international education where he spent the majority of his career (38 years) in 6 different countries and 6 different schools. His entire international career was in schools offering the International Baccalaureate programmes.  

Before “semi-retiring” in July 2022, Jeremy was Head of School at ACS Egham international school in the UK for 12 years, and prior to that he was Headmaster of Istanbul International Community school for 5 years.  

Semi-retirement has seen Jeremy devote his time to educational consulting, school accreditation, leadership recruitment for international schools, and developing resources and strategy for MindCareWorks.  

A lengthy and varied career in education convinced Jeremy that there is an extremely strong correlation between community wellbeing/happiness and successful personal, professional and academic outcomes.  

Jeremy’s hobbies and interests include volunteering with the homeless, current affairs, watching all sport, exotic food, travel, cinema and theatre.  

MCW team

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