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Culturally sensitive, practical, and solution focused support and training for school staff to deliver our proactive and preventive programs for kids and teens


Including a self-audit tool that enables schools to identify their wellbeing strengths and areas for improvement, leading to the development of a strategic plan designed to improve wellbeing outcomes for the entire school community

Virtual yet personal

Live Question & Answer sessions for staff

We are culturally sensitive, practical and solution focused partners for schools

Core Services

Wellbeing Support

Our courses for kids and teens are designed to be delivered in an interactive, age appropriate, fun and engaging manner.
All our courses come with easy to navigate teacher notes, they are fully prepared and do not require much prior knowledge.

Strategic Support

Access to a Mental Health Self-Audit questionnaire which invites school to evaluate their progress in the following key areas:
The self-audit questionnaire is a very useful instrument for schools that

MindCareWorks provides additional value by offering resources to support schools as they identify areas for improvement during their Self-Audit.

MindCareWorks also offers personal and tailor-made support by our consultant to book here.

Wellbeing Support for Teachers/Professors/Staff

Additional Services

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